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Packet Samurai 5.x EU 2017-02-05


  1. Alenheym
    Here you can Download the Tool PacketSamurai for AionEU 5.x.
    (updated 26.01.2017)
    Forum: Please login or register to view links

    You need:
    - Java 7 (search for jdk-7u51): Please login or register to view links ... 21261.html
    - WinPcap: Please login or register to view links (working and testet with Windows 7 and Windows 10 x64)
    - a Account on Official Servers

    1. Install WinPcap
    1a. Install Java 7 JDK
    1b. Reboot your PC
    2. extract PacketSamurai
    3. start PacketSamurai with start.bat
    4. start AionEU 5.x Client and log in using your UserName and Password on the Official Gameforge Server

    You can use the Tool for:
    - export Spawns
    - export Drops
    - export NPC Shouts (work in Progress)
    - update NPC Lvl and HP
    - update and export NPC Skills

    Edit the start.bat for more RAM:
    orginal start.bat (2048MB RAM):
    Edit: -xms4096 and -xmx4096 or more

    updated PacketSamurai Download

    - updated data Files (client_strings, npc_template and npc_skills)
    - first Version for export Windstreams and export npc_shouts
    - cleaned Protocol Game_5.0.x.xml (no new Packets integrated)