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AionServer-4.8.X.X (AionGer rev.923; компил) 2016-02-23


  1. Alenheym
    rev 923 TEST Build
    Client: 4.8.Х.Х

    AL-Game - rev.923 (Please Update your Database)
    AL-Chat - rev.841
    AL-Login - rev.278 (no Changes)

    AionEU 4.8 Features:
    - new Stigma System + working Stigma Enchant(reworked with rev882)
    - new and updatet Quest
    - new and updatet NPCs
    - New Instance:
    * Idgel Dome 6v6 PvPvE
    * Shugo Emperor Vault Event Instance
    * DrakenSphire Depth Instance
    * Raksang Ruins Instance
    - new Zones:
    * Cygnea (new with next Release: full Map with Drop Monsters and World Bosses)
    * Enshar (new with next Release: full Map with Drop Monsters and World Bosses)
    * Idian Depths (full integrated with Spawns and Drops)

    TODO 4.8:
    - complete new Maps -> Cygnea and Enshar
    - create Drops for new Maps -> Cygnea, Enshar, Kaldor and Levinshor
    - add and fix Quests
    - rework Maps Inggison and Gelkmaros
    - rework Abyss

    This Emulator works only with Java 7 (search for jdk-7u51)
    Download: Please login or register to view links

    This Emulator works only with the Gameforge 4.8 EU Client
    Please login or register to view links

    Download d3d8thk.dll for Windows 7 and Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (aion_start_local.bat included):
    Aion-d3d8thk-win7.rar: Please login or register to view links
    Aion-d3d8thk-win8.rar: Please login or register to view links
    [923]: Fixed Plume Price
    [922]: Removed old Tiamaranta Quests + Added SQL to remove some Tiamaranta Quests from DB
    [921]: Fixed Quest exception (Quest 14030)
    [920]: Fixed Quest spawn (NPC Pasha)
    [919]: Updated Quest 18951,18952 and 28951,28952
    [918]: added PortalAI for Dragon Lord Instance, added PlayerLeaveWorld Fix
    - rename "AIMATION" to "ANIMATION"
    [917]: added Rentus Base and Rentus Base Refuge + Portal AI
    - removed some AIs, added some AIs
    added Transidium AnnexInstance AI
    added Dragonspire Dephts Quests
    [916]: Fixed Special Mission Quests, added Transidium Annex Quests
    [915]: changed StigmaQuests
    [914]: added "default case" to some Quests, removed unused imports
    [913]: Fixed some messages (Skill name are now displayed in client language)
    Re added VisionSkill / Linkedskill remove message (unsocket)
    [912]: Added correct Stigma enchant / fail messages
    [911]: Daevanion 4.7 (level 56) rework
    [910]: - some refactor
    [909]: removed the unnesesary imports again, sorry
    [908]: Fix two stigma vision when logout and login again, now dont give anymore the two skills.
    - new bug: when you equip and unequip stigma the vision stigma icon changed, but if you relog and equip and unequip the icon dont dissapear or update :p
    note: but this dont affect the skill because cant use the skill if you dont have the required combination but you still see the icon until you relog.
    [907]: fix on fail enchant stigma remove the target stigma and the parent stigma.
    [906]: some modification on enchant service for stigma enchant when null skill level.
    [905]: Daevanion quest 56 ,4.7
    [904]: Added Delayed_Siege_Boss_Spawn_V2.patch
    [903]: Update SM_RIFT_ANNOUNCE and update for abyss_ranklist.patch
    - remove SM_RIFT_ANNOUNCE.patch
    [902]: Fix vision stigma now is display
    [901]: added dualbox.properties
    - some small cleanups
    [900]: Update some rider skills on EffectController
    Add DualBox protection (allows only 1 aion client on the same server) can be configurable.
    [899]: removed vision skill message delete on logout
    [898]: Fixed vision stigma message
    [897]: Fixed Cleric DPS stigma combination
    [896]: enchant command don't enchant stigma anymore
    [895]: Fix to obtain the 1rst stigma skill if you have enchant 0 on stigma
    [894]: Updated ItemEquipmentListener for stigma
    [893]: fix
    [892]: little fix
    [891]: added new include for random attribut names and modified script (precaution)
    [890]: small fix for Stigma System
    [889]: forgot sql file
    [888]: Update some friends packets
    [887]: Added missing gm skill
    [886]: new method gm skill remove
    [885]: Little fix to check if simple player have gm skills
    [884]: fix an error
    [883]: Remorked Gm Special Skill
    [882]: Reworked stigma system
    - Added Enchant Stigma system with level
    Some bug to fix (you can fix by yourself :) )
    => if you logout and relogin, you have the linked stigma + the else stigma (with wrong combination)
    => display bug when you have the good combination (but you have the skill)
    [881]: added third steo of generating item files
    [880]: added generating of enchant_templates.xml
    [879]: added first step of generating item files and some text fixes
    [878]: Updated polymorph_panels.xml (Thx Killer)
    [877]: added generating of TribeClass.java (first attempt)
    [876]: removed some unused Code
    [875]: Fix for Steady fire and Pulverizer cannon skill
    [874]: PS Fix (SM_LEGION_INFO)
    [873]: Fixed SM_LEGION_INFO (Legion Announcement)
    [872]: Fixed Hypergate Detonation Skill For Aethertech
    [871]: Update Todolist on first Side, update abyss_ranklist.patch
    [870]: update Siege Duration Time (thanks blindekuh)
    [869]: update npc_templates.xml (Disillon)
    [868]: update npc_templates.xml (Kaldor Anoha Fortress Asmodians)
    [867]: small syntax fixes
    [866]: Update for PS 4.9 Protocol
    [865]: update Siege Rewards (thanks blindekuh)
    [864]: Update for PS 4.9 Protocol
    [863]: Upload first PS 4.9 NA Version (thanks Elo)(only for Tests)
    - please add the DATA Folder from PS 4.8
    [862]: added first version of generating npc_trade_list.xml (pls check)
    [861]: Aturam_Sky_Fortress Part 2
    -Updated AturamSkyFortressInstance.java
    -Updated walker_300240000_Aturam_sky_fortress.xml
    -Updated 300240000_Aturam_Sky_Fortress.xml
    -Todo End Boss
    -Todo Cleanup
    -Todo recheck spawns on offi
    -Todo some other small things xD
    [860]: added first version of check/delete drops for unspawned npcs
    - see in PHP-Generator-Tools button = check Drops/nicht gespawnte NPC
    [859]: added generating of file goodslists.xml
    - incl. items for trade_in_list and purchase
    - ToDo: gener <salestime> must be checked
    small cleanup for gentribes.php
    [858]: Aturam_Sky_Fortress Part 1.2 Fixed Portals (Only todo Asmo Instance Exit)
    [857]: Aturam_Sky_Fortress Part 1.1 ;) Fixed Skill 21803 (THX KILLER)
    [856]: update npc_templates.xml (Abyss)
    [855]: added generating of file tribe_relations.xml
    [854]: update npc_templates.xml (Housing Asmos)
    [853]: /
    [852]: added a small TODO List
    [851]: reworked FunRide (now handle by AI)
    [850]: update npc_templates.xml(Housing Elyos, Abyss Balaur)
    [849]: Added Kaldor Base Patch
    [848]: Updated absolute_stats data (missing stats 40 to 47)
    [847]: Aturam_Sky_Fortress (Part 1 !! See Details !!)
    -Added missing Shulackplane (tachysphere)
    -Added AI for Shulackplane A and B
    -Updated polymorph_panels.xml
    -Updated Spawns (EU Server)
    -Temp fixed Bug that Shulackplane's won't move (SM_TRANSFORM.java) TODO as noted by Sweetkr or xTz
    -Added Trap Npc to TrapNpcAI2.java
    -Updated npc_templates.xml
    Todo fix skill 21803 (Trap NPC)
    Todo first Teleporter
    Todo Walker ( Thats something for Mariella xD)
    Todo Check old AIs if they are all needed
    Todo Morph remove when Disconnect / Logout in Instances
    Todo Check Quests
    Todo Update !!! absolute_stats.xml !!!
    NES и Аллан Грабовик нравится это.

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